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The Pursuit of Excellence: Can Academics Join the Dots
Damian William Ruth, Suze Wilson Dr, and Ozan Alakavuklar

Pages: 96 to 102


Cultural content in the digital arena: toward the hybridization of legal and business models
mariateresa maggiolino, Maria Lillà Montagnani, and Massimiliano Nuccio

Pages: 42 to 64


Embodied work and leadership in a digital age – what can we learn from theatres?
Donatella De Paoli, Sigrid Røyseng, and Grete Wennes

Pages: 99 to 115


Zen and the Art of Organizational Maintenance
Ronald E. Purser

Pages: 34 to 58


The Aesthetics of Applied Theatre: An Interview
Fabian Lempa and Kamila Lewandowska

Pages: 25 to 33

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