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WPI was founded in 1865 to create and convey the latest science and engineering knowledge in ways that are most beneficial to society. The founders of the institution believed in creating a new style of university that would provide the scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs needed for an era of industrial growth and technological innovation. Since that time, WPI has continued to be a place where cutting edge science and technology meet real world challenges. To continue at the forefront and prepare technical humanist for the challenges of the future, the Global Task Force encourages WPI to chart a bold course.

The Provost’s Task Force on the Globalization of WPI recommends these three broad areas for exploration with details to follow in the report:

  • Incorporation of international education and cultural awareness into the heart of the WPI curriculum through expansion of the Great Problems Seminar, increased visibility around the Project Centers, development of more globally focused courses, engagement of international faculty through an International Scholars in Residence program and enhanced programming highlighting international work of faculty and students.
  • Increasing WPI’s global footprint through meaningful and strategic relationships with a small number of targeted international sites that provide research and recruitment opportunities for our students and faculty including new funding avenues.
  • Improving vital infrastructure, such as housing and telecommunication facilities, to support new initiatives. We believe the initiatives described in this report, phased in appropriately, will position the institution, our faculty and our students for serving, succeeding and leading in today’s global environment.