Optimizing the WPI Assistive Technology Resource Center: Operation and Management

Stoyan Hristov, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


The Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) originated with the intent to fill the need for a regional, specialized assistive technology hub, which would be a source for the technical information required in order to create customized assistive technology devices. As time has progressed, the Center has expanded and has aided many individuals with disabilities. This was done by creating new solutions to disability‐related issues that were not addressed in the past, primarily by designing new devices or modifying existing ones. After ten years of operation, it became necessary to re‐evaluate the operation of the Center and to remedy some of the potential weaknesses that may have kept it from operating at its full potential. This project concentrates on identifying these issues and physically creating a solution for them. Doing so is necessary in order for the Center’s operation and management to be optimized, which in turn would ensure that the ATRC will remain successful in the years to come