Evaluating a Wheelchair Maintenance Resource

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atrc, assistive, technology, resource, center, iqp, wheelchair, maintenance, manual


The goal of this project was to create a wheelchair maintenance resource that would include a website, a checklist, and a manual. The intended audience of this resource would be adult wheelchair owners and the caregivers of those with cognitive impairments. These individuals do not necessarily have mechanical experience with tools and maintenance so the resource should provide all such information. The design team’s concept contained three items: the manual, the checklist, and the website. The manual is a compilation of all of the detailed information regarding wheelchair maintenance. It is divided into sections, each of which details a subsystem of the wheelchair. The user can identify the conditions associated with the malfunctioning of a wheelchair. The manual also helps the person who uses the wheelchair to determine if the wheelchair is not functioning correctly in order to avoid further damage. Next, the checklist includes a series of steps to guide individuals through the process of checking critical aspects of the wheelchair. It can also serve as a maintenance history report if the user records all the information chronologically. The checklist is broken down identically to the

manual with sections to aid in the thought process. Finally, the website contains the manual and checklist. It was designed to provide information about wheelchair maintenance in a simplistic fashion that is accessible to both the user and the distributor. The website also gives contant information for wheelchair services and wheelchair providers. The design team evaluated the effectiveness of the resource through surveys and found it to be useful for many individuals.