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atrc, assistive, technology, resource, center, iqp, business, management, plan, operation, five, year


The purpose of this project is to investigate and review the operations of the Assistive Technology Resource Center (ATRC) of WPI and provide a strategic future plan. To ensure the efficiency and efficacy of operations, it becomes necessary for organizations to execute a periodical review of the operations and overall status of the organization through a performance review. The ATRC was founded in 1999. Using the original Mission Statement of the ATRC as the focus of the review, an understanding of the best practices for the ATRC was developed through the use of surveys sent to clinical, educational, governmental and social service organizations. Additional comparisons to similar university-based Assistive Technology centers provided best known methods of operation. It is recommended that the ATRC focus on the areas of facilities, operations, management, marketing, and cost awareness. It is recommended that standardized organizational practices and a centralized database be developed. Recommendations for increased improvements in operations and marketing include greater levels of networking with stakeholders, the use of buddy marketing, the continued development and updating of publications, and a renovation of the website. In the areas of management and cost awareness, it is recommended that discrete roles are defined, the number of personnel be expanded, a cash flow projection be completed with subsequent application for funding, along with periodic comparison to similar university-based Assistive Technology centers. A five year plain for the development and future success of the ATRC is included.



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