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The Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) is a non-profit organization working in developing countries to rehabilitate those who have lost their mobility after an amputation. CIR has developed a lower limb prosthetic (monolimb) for transtibial amputees, which is then rigidly attached to a prosthetic foot. CIR requested a study of the effect of coupling their monolimb with two existing prosthetic foot designs; the International Committee of the Red Cross’s SACH foot and Northwestern’s Shape and Roll (SR) prosthetic foot. The combination of the prosthetic feet and monolimb were modeled and studied using finite element analysis (FEA). The FEA results were then compared to the physical testing of the prosthetics under various static loading conditions seen during walking. These results suggest that the SR foot does not perform as well as the SACH foot under high loading conditions and could result in premature wear of the prosthetic combination. The results of this work will aid CIR in their efforts to provide appropriate prostheses to populations in developing countries.



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