This collection contains selected publications and research by WPI Biology & Biotechnology faculty.

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Submissions from 2017


Whole Genome Sequence of the Heterozygous Clinical Isolate Candida krusei 81-B-5, Christina Cuomo, Terrance Shea, Bo Yang, Reeta Rao, and Anja Forche


A pre-therapeutic coating for medical devices that prevents the attachment of Candida albicans, Diego Vargas-Blanco, Aung Lynn, Jonah Rosch, Rony Noreldin, Anthony Salerni, Christopher Lambert, and Reeta Rao

Submissions from 2015


The evolution of drug resistance in clinical isolates of Candida albicans, Christopher Ford, Jason Funt, Darren Abbey, Luca Issi, Candace Guiducci, Diego Martinez, Toni Delorey, Bi Li, Theodore White, Christina Cuomo, Reeta Rao, Judith Berman, Dawn Thompson, and Aviv Regev

Submissions from 2014


Host Pathogen Relations: Exploring Animal Models for Fungal Pathogens, Catherine Harwood and Reeta Rao

Submissions from 2010


Effect of Sugars on Artemisinin Production in Artemisia annua L.: Transcription and Metabolite Measurements, Patrick R. Arsenault, Daniel R. Vail, Kristin K. Wobbe, and Pamela J. Weathers

Submissions from 1993


ENOD8, a novel early nodule-specific gene, is expressed in empty alfalfa nodules, Rebecca Dickstein, Reeta Prusty, Tao Peng, Winnie Ngo, and Mary Ellen Smith