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The increase in highbandwidth connections and high-speed computers have spurred the growth of streaming media across the Internet. While there have been a number of studies measuring the performance of traditional Internet traffic, there has not been sufficient wide-scale empirical measurement of video performance across the Internet. The lack of empirical work that measures streaming video traffic may arise from the lack of effective video performance measurement tools. In this paper, we present RealTracer, a set of tools for measuring the performance of RealVideo. RealTracer includes Real-Tracker, a customized video player that plays RealVideo from a pre-selected playlist and records user-centric video performance information. RealTracer also includes RealData, a data analysis tool that helps manage, parse and analyze data captured by RealTracker. We describe the software architecture and usage of RealTracker and the usage of RealData, both publicly available for download. To illustrate the use of RealTracer, we present additional results from a previous study that used RealTracker to measure RealVideo performance across the Internet. Using RealData, that study made several contributions to better understanding the performance of streaming video on the Internet.