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This study involved a comparison between the conditions of Mastery Mode against Non-Mastery. In the Mastery Mode, selected problems were mastery problems. A student, who got an incorrect answer, went into the Mastery Mode in which he/she had to get three consecutive problems correct testing the same skill. Although this process took long, it forced the student to master the subject matter. In the Non-Mastery Mode, the students were given two chances for each problem while no tutoring was provided. It was observed through the results that there was a significant difference between the Mastery Mode and Non-Mastery with the p-value of 0.003. The effect of the study was towards the mastery mode and students learned significantly more in this condition with an effect size of 0.52. The implication of this experiment is that mastery learning is an efficient technique which can be incorporated in homework to make students put effort in learning the content at different time intervals, thus, increasing the overall learning gain.