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This report presents results of a peer review of MQPs conducted within the Computer Science Department during the Summer of 1997 as part of a campus-wide MQP review The goal of the report is to assess whether the department MQPs are accomplishing their educational goals The report identifies problems that need to be addressed and trends that need to be continued to make the MQPs a worthwhile learning experience It reflects data and evaluations for 29 MQPs involving 57 computer science students that were completed between the Summer of 1996 and the Spring of 1997 The report also makes comparisons to similar reviews done in 1991 1993 and 1995 Overall the large ma jority of the pro jects are meeting the educational goals of the department as good learning experiences The reviews indicate however that the overall quality of the pro jects is down from 1995 The reviewers believe that the faculty must set reasonable expectations for all pro ject students This will be increasingly important as the department continues to grow in size The report draws a number of conclusions about the success of the pro jects based upon the data collected and evaluations done for this review The report concludes with recommendations for future projects