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Intelligent Tutoring Systems have historically been shown [Koedinger, Anderson, Hadley & Mark, 1997; Morgan & Ritter, 2002] to be an effective means of educating an audience. While there is great benefit from such systems they are generally very costly to build and maintain. Currently it is estimated that 200 hours of time is required to produce one hour of Intelligent Tutoring Systems content [Murray, 2002; Anderson, 1993]. For Intelligent Tutoring Systems to be widely accepted in the classroom environment there needs to be a tool set that allows for the most novice user to maintain and grow the system with minimal cost. The goal of this work is to create such a tool set targeted towards the Assistments Project [Razzaq, Feng, Nuzzo-Jones, Heffernan, & et. al., 2005] and enable teacher collaboration within the system. A goal of the Assistments Project is to provide a means for teachers to obtain meaningful data from the system that they utilize in the classroom environment thus enabling a comprehensive learning solution.