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Conventional heat transfer enhancement methods have focused on the surface characteristics of the heat-exchanger. The enhancement of heat transfer through altering the characteristics of the working fluid has become a new subject of interest. Micro-encapsulated phase change material (MEPCM) slurries show improved heat transfer abilities compared to single phase heat transfer fluids such as water due to their higher specific heat values in their phase change temperature range. The present work is a numerical and experimental study towards fundamental understanding of the impact of using PCM on thermal and fluid flow characteristics of different single-phase and two-phase heat transfer applications. The mathematical formulation to represent the presence of single and multi-component MEPCM is developed and incorporated into the numerical model for single-phase and two-phase fluid flow systems. In particular, the use of PCM in its encapsulated form for heat transfer enhancement of liquid flow in the presence of evaporation is explored. In addition, an experimental study is conducted to validate the numerical model in a setting of natural convection flow. Finally, the application of PCM in its layered form on the effectiveness of drying of moist porous materials (e.g. paper) is investigated.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Drying, Natural Convection, Evaporation, Phase Change Materials, Heat and Mass Transfer, Experimental, Numerical