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George T. Heineman

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Alexander M Wyglinski

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Andrew G. Klein


"A comprehensive analysis of a novel detection scheme for SISO wireless transmission scenarios is presented in this dissertation. The scheme, which is based on Belief-Propagation (BP) detectors, is evaluated in both a computer simulation environment and a custom-built software-defined radio test-bed. In this dissertation, we address the design aspects of BP-based receivers, including several approaches to minimize the bit error rate of MAP detectors. We also present the development of an interface framework for a software defined radio platform that aims to implement complex communication transceivers capable of prototyping the hybrid structure with a pre-filter filter and BP detector. Numerical simulations compared the proposed schemes with an existing approaches and showed significant performance gains without requiring great computational cost at the receiver. Furthermore, experiments using GNU Radio Companion and the FMCOMMS software defined radio hardware platform confirm the correct functionality of the proposed interface, and stress tests are conducted to assess the functionality of the interface and how it deteriorates across a range of operating conditions. Finally, we present several experiments using the FMCOMMS software defined radio platform that implement the proposed BP-based receiver scheme and discuss its capabilities and limitations."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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sparsening filter, belief propagation, software defined radio, FMCOMMS