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Kevin(Yiming) Rong

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Christopher A.Brown


"The thesis includes fundamental work in the following, · Development of materials database which includes the main parameters of the various heat transfer models · Validation and testing of the system capability and accuracy by means of various case studies A computer aided heat treatment planning system (CAHTPS) is developed to assist the heat treatment process. The temperature distribution inside the furnace and the temperature of the various parts in the load can be determined. The various models for the heat treatment are analyzed and the various parameters in the equations are classified. The majority of the equations parameters were properties of various metals and non metals. Hence an extensive database is developed so as to assist the models. The remaining physical conditions dependent parameters of the models were analyzed and the effects due to change in the conditions and these parameters are tested and studied by various case studies. The change in the loading pattern effects and change in the load quantity effects for the various cases are presented. The thesis work establishes the system’s application scope and the accuracy to be used in the current heat treatment industries."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Manufacturing Engineering

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Heat Treatment Planning System, Metals, Heat treatment, Mathematical models