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Yehia Massoud

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Thomas Eisenbarth

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Berk Sunar


"We propose a new embedded trusted platform module for next generation power scavenging devices. Such power scavenging devices are already in the current market. For instance, the Square point-of-sale reader uses the microphone/speaker interface of a smartphone for both communications and to charge up the power supply. While such devices are already widely deployed in the market and used as trusted devices in security critical applications they have not been properly evaluated yet. Our trusted module is a dedicated microprocessor that can preform cryptographic operations and store cryptographic keys internally. This power scavenging trusted module will provide a secure cryptographic platform for any smartphone. The second iteration of our device will be a side-channel evaluation platform for power scavenging devices. This evaluation platform will focus on evaluating leakage characteristics, it will include all the features of our trusted module, i.e. complicated power handling including scavenging from the smartphone and communications through the microphone/speaker interface. Our design will also included the on-board ports to facilitate easy acquisition of high quality power signals for further side-channel analysis. Our evaluation platform will provide the ability for security researchers to analyze leakage in next generation mobile attached embedded devices and to develop and enroll countermeasures."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Performance, Design, Verification, Security