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Mustapha S. Fofana

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Shaukat Mirza

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Mohammed N. Noori


"This thesis presents an in depth study of Pro/Engineer's manufacturing module and its application into the Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) undergraduate education environment. Mechanical Engineering has a lot to gain by incorporating computers into the undergraduate curriculum in comparison to only the traditional classroom surroundings. Today, complex problems can be solved in mere seconds thanks to the power and speed of current computers. Likewise within today's manufacturing sector, numerical controlled (NC) machines are no longer programmed manually. In today's globally competitive manufacturing environment, integrated systems such as CAD/CAM help reduce the ever-shrinking time to market. This thesis contains the background as well as the curriculum material necessary to teach undergraduate students CAM using Pro/Engineer's manufacturing module. The curriculum material starts with the tutorials to teach and reinforce Pro/Engineer basic sketcher skills, which are necessary background information. Followed with in-depth click tutorials to teach the manufacturing module for 2 axes turning, and 3 axes hole drilling and milling. It also includes the necessary lab manuals that reinforce the class lecture material, an electronic manufacturing exam, and the students' evaluations from 2 terms when the CAM course (ME3820) was offered."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Manufacturing Engineering

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CAM, computer-aided manufacturing, Pro/Engineer, education, curriculum, manufacturing, design, CAD/CAM systems, Engineering design, Study and teaching (Higher), Manufacturing processes, Study and teaching (Higher)