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Cosme Furlong, Committee Member

Faculty Advisor or Committee Member

Mikhail F. Dimentberg, Committee Member

Faculty Advisor or Committee Member

Mikhail Dimentberg, Committee Member




"Escapement mechanisms hold back a stream of parts driven either by mechanical or pneumatic means for a length of time and release a single part as required to an assembly station. They are used in most automatic multi-component assembly equipment. They occupy a significant design space and have dynamic characteristics of their own. This research aimed to develop a novel high speed mechanism for parts escapement that occupies less design space and contributes less to the dynamic activity of the structure. Several conceptual mechanisms were generated and evaluated. A compliant mechanism that amplifies the very small displacement of a piezo actuator was selected for detailed design. A proof of concept prototype was fabricated and tested. A piezo stack was used to bend a thin, spring steel, compliant beam. Its deflection was further amplified by attaching a comparatively rigid beam extension at the end of the compliant section. The mechanism escapes parts at 16 Hz using constrained layer damping on the beam to reduce vibrations. The concept is feasible to use on production machinery and provides advantages in terms of higher operating speeds and compactness. The concept could also be used where there is a requirement of high speed gating."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Mechanical Engineering

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Piezoactuator, Escapement, Compliant Mechanism, High Speed

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