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"Video games are more popular now than they have ever been, and the video game industry is on the verge of hitting its Golden Age (Diver, 2015). In 2015 alone, the video game industry is predicted to reach $91 billion in sales revenue (Nunnely, 2015). Video games have become a key element in today’s youth culture (Seel, 2001; Aarsand, 2007; Gee, 2007). With such a successful and culturally relevant medium at their disposal, pedagogues can use this form of entertainment as a gateway medium for educational instruction. This paper describes the progressive integration of technology in music education as well as the implications of using a non-traditional method of educational instruction through a video game. Focusing specifically on the instruction of music theory, several methods of instruction are examined. Past studies using video games as a medium to convey instruction are further examined. The development of an educational music theory video game is explored along with several development tools in its design. A randomized controlled trial was conducted in an undergraduate classroom where participants completed a series of activities using either the music theory video game prototype or a simulated method book application. The data suggests a significant improvement in each skill topic when using the video game and compares similarly to the simulated method book application."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Media and Game Development

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music technology, educational videogames, video games, educational media, music instruction, music theory, interactive media, serious games