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Kathi Fisler, Reader

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"Intelligent Tutoring Systems have historically been shown to be an effective means of educating an audience. While there is great benefit from such systems they are generally very costly to build and maintain. It has been estimated that 200 hours of time is required to produce one hour of Intelligent Tutoring System content. The Office of Navel Research has funding this thesis because they are interested in reducing the cost of construction for Intelligent Tutoring Systems. In order for Intelligent Tutoring Systems to be widely accepted and used in the classroom environment there needs to be a toolset that allows for even the most novice user to maintain and grow the system with minimal cost. The goal of this thesis is to create such a toolset targeted towards the Assistments Project. One of the goals of the Assistments Project is to provide a means for teachers to receive meaningful data from the system that they can take to the classroom environment thus enabling a comprehensive learning solution. The effectiveness of the toolset was measured by its ability to reduce the overall time taken to package and distribute content in an Intelligent Tutoring System by providing the tools and allowing the completion of the tasks to be at a reasonable speed."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Computer Science

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collaboration, Intelligent Tutoring System, portal, teacher tools, Assistment, Assistment Project, Intelligent tutoring systems