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"Recently, there has been some good interest in the field of Dynamic Materials, also referred to as Spatio-Temporal Composites. These materials have been theoretically attributed to show ability to switch their electromagnetic properties in time, as contrast to the spatial variations shown by regular materials of non-dynamic nature, existing naturally. Though there is no exhibition of dynamic material in nature yet, there are suggestions for its synthesis. This paper follows the idea of using standard lossless transmission line model approximating a material substance. Such a material though not truly homogeneous, could be made to vary its properties in time. The aim of this work is to test this idea for its functional efficiency in comparison to analytical results obtained from earlier works on the subject. We make use of Spice simulation for this. An important aspect of this work is to facilitate the dynamic operations in a static environment. Almost all the simulators available today like Spice, ADS, etc intrinsically provide no ability for parameter variations in time. Nonetheless, we make use of certain popular tricks to implement circuits imitating the dynamic circuit components we need. Such implementations are separately tested to demonstrate their success in providing us with the dynamic environment we desire. Finally, within the limitations of the computing capabilities, we could successfully show an agreement between the results obtained and the existing theory. "


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Dynamic materials, spatio-temporal composites, checkerboard, Spice simulations