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Jeffrey P. Kesselman, Reader

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Joshua Rosenstock, Reader

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Dean O'Donnell, Advisor




A VR car-driving simulator for evaluating the user experience of new drivers by helping them to learn driving rules and regulations.

The Classic VR Driver helps new drivers to learn driving rules and regulations using various audio and visual feedback. The simulator helps them to get acquainted with the risks and mistakes associated with real life driving. In addition, the users have to play the game in an immersive environment using a Virtual Reality system.

This project attempts to fulfill two important goals. The major goal is to evaluate whether the user can learn driving rules and regulations of the road. The game allows the users to take a road test. The road test determines the type of mistakes the user makes and it also determines if they passed or failed in it. I have conducted A/B testing and let the testers participate in user-interviews and user-survey. The testing procedure allowed me to analyze the effectiveness of learning driving rules from the simulator as compared to learning rules from the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) manual.

Secondly, the user experience was evaluated by allowing users to participate in user-interviews and user-surveys. It helped me to understand the positives and drawbacks of the game. These feedback are taken into consideration for future improvement.

All these factors were considered to make the game as enjoyable and useful in terms of skill training.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Media and Game Development

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Virtual Reality Development Simulation A/B Testing User Interviews User Surveys User Testing User Experience Research