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P. Jayachandran, Advisor




The frame tube buildings have been the most efficient structural system used for building which is in the range of 40-100storey. The soaring heights and the demanding structural efficiency have led to them having smaller reserves of stiffness and consequently stability. In this thesis a Non-linear analysis and stability check of frame-tube building is done. Nonlinear analysis offers several options for addressing problems of nonlinearity and in this work focus is on Geometric Non-linearity. The main sources can be identified as P-Æ’´ effect of gravity loading acting on a transversely displaced structure due to lateral loading and can also be due to member imperfections, such as member camber and out of plumb erection of the frame. During analysis the element response keep continuously changing as a function of the applied load so simple step computing methods have been employed instead of direct analytical methods. The problem here is dealt in a piece wise linear way and solved. In this thesis a program using the matrix approach has been developed. The program developed can calculate the buckling load and can do Linear and Non-linear analysis using the Mat-lab as the computing platform. Numerical results obtained from the program have been compared with the Finite Element software Mastan2. The comparative solutions presented later on in the report clearly prove the accuracy of the program and go on to show, how exploiting simple matrix equation can help solve the most complex structures in fraction of seconds. The program is modular in structure. It provides opportunity for user to make minor manipulation or can append his own module to make it work for his specific needs and will get reliable results.


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eigenvalue analysis, nonlinear analysis, Frame tube buildings, Tall buildings, Analysis, Structural frames, Eigenvalues