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As the economy has been growing fast in China, Chinese people have more incomes and then higher standard of living. In the case of household water treatment, more and more urban residents in China use bottled water or water filtration system instead of tap water because people start to worry about polluted tap water. According to a survey from China Water Supply Services Promotion Alliance in 2014, 59% of urban residents drinking water is from tap water (after being boiled), 41% from bottled water and water filtration system. The 41% participants prefer bottled water as the first choice over a water filtration system.

The comparative advantages and disadvantages of home water filtration system and bottled water are analyzed using comparative analysis. The reasons why home water filtration industry has grown slowly in urban China even though it is less expensive and has environmental benefits are analyzed using a system dynamics model. The model focuses on the physical system of home water filtration industry. The study shows that order delivery delay and service time are key factors to the adoption rate of home water filtration system. However, initial cost becomes a limiting factor to the growth of the market of home water filtration system. The study proposes the according market policy, demand policy, and supply policy to improve the current scenario.


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home water filtration system; market share; system dynamics