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Kevin(Yiming) Rong

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Mustapha Fofana

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Jianyu Liang


Casting as a manufacturing process to make complex shapes of metal materials in mass production may experience many different defects such as porosity and incomplete filling. How to improve the casting quality becomes important. Gating/riser system design is critical to improving casting quality. The objective of the research presented in this thesis is to optimize gating/riser systems based on CAD and simulation technology with the goal of improving casting quality such as reducing incomplete filling area, decreasing large porosity and increasing yield. Therefore in the thesis, an optimization framework is presented based on CAD and simulation technology. Given a CAD model of part design and after converted to a casting model, it is the first step to evaluate castability of the casting design. Then the runner and risers are represented parametrically, and CAD models generated by varying parameters can be used in the simulation. After analyzing simulation results, the gating/riser system design is optimized to improve casting quality. In the thesis, one engine block is used to verify the effectiveness of the optimization method. Compared with the initial design, it is found that the optimized casting design can decrease porosity around 18% while the yield increases 16%.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Manufacturing Engineering

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simulation, CAD, gating/riser optimization