Faculty Advisor or Committee Member

Marcel Y. Blais, Advisor




The purpose of this project is to work as an interdisciplinary team whose primary role is to mentor a team of WPI undergraduate students completing their Major Qualifying Project (MQP) in collaboration with Vestigo Ventures, LLC. (“Vestigo Ventures�) and Cogo Labs. We worked closely with the project sponsors at Vestigo Ventures and Cogo Labs to understand each sponsor’s goals and desires, and then translated those thoughts into actionable items and concrete deliverables to be completed by the undergraduate student team. As a graduate student team with a diverse set of educational backgrounds and a range of academic and professional experiences, we provided two primary functions throughout the duration of this project. The first function was to develop a roadmap for each individual project, with concrete steps, justification, goals and deliverables. The second function was to provide the undergraduate team with clarification and assistance throughout the implementation and completion of each project, as well as provide our opinions and thoughts on any proposed changes. The two teams worked together in lock-step in order to provide the project sponsors with a complete set of deliverables, with the undergraduate team primarily responsible for implementation and final delivery of each completed project.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Mathematical Sciences

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Masters report

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algorithm, data analytics, data science, fintech, big data, Cogo Labs, Cogo, financial math, Vestigo, Vestigo Ventures