Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold Sprayed Aluminum and Titanium Alloys

Trevor Bond, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


A combination of experimental and computational methods is used to explore the microstructure and mechanical behavior of cold sprayed 6061 aluminum alloy and Ti-6Al-4V alloy and their substrate materials. A variety of microscopic methods are used for characterization of the microstructure. The indentation size effect and characteristic length of strain gradient plasticity for the substrate materials are determined. An FEA simulation describes the behavior of a worn Berkovich nanoindenter. Stress strain is studied experimentally in the substrate materials for future comparison with bulk cold-sprayed materials. Abaqus FEA models are used to simulate a single particle impact for a particle with an oxide layer using a linear Johnson-Cook plasticity model and a bilinear Johnson-Cook plasticity model. The implications of the results are discussed for cold spray processes.