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This thesis designed and realized a two-degree of freedom wrist and two finger manipulator that completes the six-degree of freedom Sensitive Manipulation Platform, the arm of which was previously developed. This platform extends the previous research in the field of robotics by covering not only the end effector with deformable tactile sensors, but also the links of the arm. Having tactile sensors on the arm will improve the dynamic model of the system during contact with its environment and will allow research in contact navigation to be explored. This type of research is intended for developing algorithms for exploring dynamic environments. Unlike traditional robots that focus on collision avoidance, this platform is designed to seek out contact and use it to gather important information about its surroundings. This small desktop platform was designed to have similar proportions and properties to a small human arm. These properties include compliant joints and tactile sensitivity along the lengths of the arms. The primary applications for the completed platform will be research in contact navigation and manipulation in dynamic environments. However, there are countless potential applications for a compliant arm with increased tactile feedback, including prosthetics and domestic robotics. This thesis covers the details behind the design, analysis, and evaluation of the two degrees of the Wrist and two two-link fingers, with particular attention being given to the integration of series elastics actuators, the decoupling of the fingers from the wrist, and the incorporation of tactile sensors in both the forearm motor module and fingers.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Robotics Engineering

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manipulator, Series Elastic Actuators, sensitive, robotics