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Guillermo F. Salazar, Advisor

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Building Information Modeling“BIM" is becoming a better known established collaboration process in the construction industry. Owners are increasingly requiring BIM services from construction managers, architects and engineering firms. Many construction firms are now investing in“BIM" technologies during bidding, preconstruction, construction and post construction. The goal of this project is to understand the uses and benefits of BIM for construction managers and examine BIM based scheduling. There are two objectives to this project. First is to identify the current uses of BIM in the Architectural / Engineering / Construction / Facility Management industry to better understand how the BIM-based“build to design" and“design to build" concepts can be used by construction managers under the Construction Management at Risk project delivery system. Second, a focus is placed on analyzing 3D and 4D BIM as well as BIM based scheduling. The research was conducted through literature review, case studies, and interviews. First, the research identified the uses of Building Information Modeling for preconstruction, construction and post construction phases. Then, the project examined the uses and benefits of BIM in the construction of a research facility. Subsequently, a prototype 4D Building Information Model was created and studied. Furthermore, the BIM-based schedule was integrated to the 4D model. Finally, the project concluded with an analysis on the use, advantages and setbacks of BIM and its tools.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Scheduling, BIM, Building Information Modeling