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Paramasivam Jayachandran, Advisor

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Techniques for preliminary analysis of various tall building systems subjected to lateral loads have been studied herein. Three computer programs written in Matlab® graphical user interface language for use on any personal computer are presented. Two of these programs incorporate interactive graphics. A program called Wall_Frame_2D is introduced for two-dimensional analysis of shear wall-frame interactive structures, using the shear-flexural cantilever analogy. The rigid outrigger approach was utilized to develop a program called Outrigger Program to analyze multi-outrigger braced tall buildings. In addition, a program called Frame Tube was developed which allows analysis of single and quad-bundled framed tube structures. The tube grids are replaced with an equivalent orthotropic plate, and the governing differential equations are solved in closed form. Results for lateral deflections, rotations, and moment, shear, and torque distributions within the various resisting elements are compared against other preliminary and "exact" matrix analysis methods for several examples. SAP2000 was used to obtain "exact" results. The approximate analyses are found to give reasonable results and a fairly good indication of the behavior of the actual structure. These programs are proposed for inclusion in a knowledge-based approach to preliminary tall building design. The tall building design process is outlined and criteria are given for the incorporation of these "Resource Level Knowledge Modules" into an integrated tall building design system.


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Frame Tube, Outrigger Braced Frame, Shear Wall Frame, Preliminary Design of Tall Buildings