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Gregory S. Fischer

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Karen Troy

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Loris Fichera


Teleoperated robotic surgical systems such as daVinci are widely used for laparoscopic surgeries. The currently available daVinci system does not provide haptic feedback. Prior research has shown that the addition of haptic feedback improves surgeons' performance during minimally invasive surgeries. Other authors have implemented haptic feedback in the daVinci robot, but some issues made them impractical for clinical use. In this work, two strain gauge force-sensing devices were created for the patient side manipulator of the daVinci surgical robot. These devices were designed to be easily added to the existing system and used for the real-time force feedback in the daVinci robot. The proposed system has high sensitivity and resolution, matches the required force measurement range, and has high signal-to-noise ratio, which implies high signal quality. However, the absolute errors of the currently built devices are high due to the manufacturing techniques used on the prototype that could be improved upon for a deployed device. This work demonstrates fast 3-DOF force measurements on the daVinci robot without any robot or instrument modifications. While the present system has significant systematic errors, these can be mitigated by altering the mechanical design to improve the accuracy of the system.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Biomedical Engineering

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force feedback, daVinci robot, PSM