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Abstract Interactive Media and Game development are experiencing an incredible growth the recent year. Digital devices are in constant evolution, and the developers/artist are glad to unleash their full potential by creating innovative content that take advantage of those capacities. Although creation and innovation is not what is limiting this field, the business side to this industry is the biggest challenge to this kind of content. Making a good product needs a team effort, and these employees will obviously need good money for their expertise, which, means the product needs to be funded to make it happen. In this context I find myself in the perfect position for this kind of adventure as I both love games and I like to play the role of the entrepreneur/problem solver. As a Fulbright scholar I feel my self-obligated to help my country back with all the knowledge and the opportunities I got offered by coming here and learning from U.S professionals in the industry This brings us to the core of this thesis, by doing a Co-op job in Petricore, shadowing its CEO and surrounding myself by a huge community of professionals from the industry, researching the best way to start my own startup €œABY€� in the same industry in Tunisia. I will also using auto ethnography and interviews to collect relevant data in an ultimate goal of building a lightweight business plan to guide me in starting this adventure in my home country.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Media and Game Development

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interactive media, Tunisia, business plan, augmented reality, Game industry