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Charles Rich, Reader

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Brian J. Moriarty, Reader

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Dean O'Donnell, Advisor




We have built an application that integrates a technical editor feature and a custom real-time strategy game. The end users are able to use the technical editor feature for tweaking and customizing the unit attributes and progressions in the game using simple mathematical formulas, and they can play or test their tweaked formulas within the game. Various game modes in the software, which are Single Player, Multiplayer, and Simulation, can help display to the end users the results of their tweaked formulas, or users can just have fun by playing the game. The software was evaluated to see whether the software with the editor feature enabled is more attractive and appealing to the end users than the software with the editor feature disabled. The evaluation is based on the players’ feedback on the game with or without the editor. A total of 50 testers were randomly assigned into 2 groups evenly, the Tool group and the Game group. Testers assigned to the Tool group were able to customize the game unit attributes via the editor and play, while the testers in the Game group only play the game. The results from the post-test survey show both versions of the software are highly appealing to the testers, and there is no significant difference in game appeals between the Tool version and the Game version.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Media and Game Development

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tool, real-time, multiplier, balancing, strategy, time, real, game