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Jie Fu

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Michael Gennert

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Taskin Padir


There is an increasing concern in tackling the problems faced by the elderly community and physically in-locked people to lead an independent life experience problems with self- care. The need for developing service robots that can help people with mobility impairments is hence very essential. Developing a control framework for shared human-robot autonomy will allow locked-in individuals to perform the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) in a exible way. The relevant ADL scenarios were identi ed as handling objects, self-feeding, and opening doors for indoor nav- igation assistance. Multiple experiments were conducted, which demonstrates that the robot executes these daily living tasks reliably without requiring adjustment to the environment. The indoor manipulation tasks hold the challenge of dealing with a wide range of unknown objects. This thesis presents a framework developed for grasping without requiring a priori knowledge of the objects being manipulated. A successful manipulation task requires the combination of aspects such as envi- ronment modeling, object detection with pose estimation, grasp planning, motion planning followed by an e?cient grasp execution, which is validated by a 6+2 Degree of Freedom robotic manipulator.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Robotics Engineering

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Perception, Point Cloud, Self feeding, Handle Detection, TrajOpt