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Dean O'Donnell

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Britton Snyder

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Lee Sheldon


China is a cultural and economic giant in today’s world, but has been somehow misunderstood in the past decades . With more and more educational and economic communication between China and the western world, more non-Chinese people find a need to know China. This project has created a board game based on Journey to the West, a 2000-page novel which is one of the four great classical novels in China. The project seeks to transmit some of the cultural aspects of China, stimulate people’s interest in China through simple gameplay. The ultimate goal of this project was to develop a game which was fun for friends and families to play together, as well as to offer a relaxing and pleasant play space for people to experience a different culture without extensive reading. The paper explains the research that has been done to realize the project, Journey to the West: the Board Game, and the production expectation. A study has been done behind the project explored the game’s mechanics, appeal and effectiveness. The paper also details the results of this study to determine if players of this board game learn about Chinese culture more than readers of the book.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Interactive Media and Game Development

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Chinese culture, Board games, Journey to the West