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The traditional two-dimensional (2D) delivery system in construction industry creates communication gaps among owners, architects, and contractors. These gaps exist in all phases of project, but are more evident in operation and maintenance. Owners, especially colleges, are now starting to explore and implement new methods to receive more valuable as-built information. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an emerging information technology that promotes a collaborative process for the Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Facilities Management (AECFM) industry; it can facilitate the exchange and interoperability of information management, and therefore could provide enhanced benefits to colleges and universities¡¯ physical plant. The objective of this thesis is to determine the feasibility of using BIM concepts, principles and tools to support and enhance the informational needs for planning, design, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of the physical plant of WPI. The methodologies used in this research include literature review of previous research conducted by WPI students; case study analysis; interview with managers at Department of Facilities, review other universities and owners¡¯ experience with BIM, and the review of material documented on the subject. The thesis provides a conceptual guideline for implementation of BIM for WPI that can be extended to other college campuses. The proposed guideline identifies the scope of information that needs to be included in the model, establishes a process for identify specific ways in which the information can be managed to meet the needs of the facility management at WPI.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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BIM, facility management, construction information system