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Human-swarm interaction is an important milestone for the introduction of swarm-intelligence based solutions into real application scenarios. One of the main hurdles towards this goal is the creation of suitable interfaces for humans to convey the correct intent to multiple robots. As the size of the swarm increases, the complexity of dealing with explicit commands for individual robots becomes intractable. This brings a great challenge for the developer or the operator to drive robots to finish even the most basic tasks. In our work, we consider a different approach that humans specify only the desired goal rather than issuing individual commands necessary to obtain this task. We explore this approach in a collaborative transport scenario, where the user chooses the target position of an object, and a group of robots moves it by adapting themselves to the environment. The main outcome of this thesis is the design of integration of a collaborative transport behavior of swarm robots and an augmented reality human interface. We implemented an augmented reality (AR) application in which a virtual object is displayed overlapped on a detected target object. Users can manipulate the virtual object to generate the goal configuration for the object. The designed centralized controller translate the goal position to the robots and synchronize the state transitions. The whole system is tested on Khepera IV robots through the integration of Vicon system and ARGoS simulator.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Robotics Engineering

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Augmented Reality, Interaction, Object Transport, Swarm