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A realistic comparative performance evaluation of indoor Geolocation systems is a complex and challenging problem facing the research community. This is due to the fact that performance of these systems depends on the statistical variations of the fading multipath characteristics of the wireless channel, the density and distribution of the access points in the area, and the number of the training points used by the positioning algorithm. This problem, in particular, becomes more challenging when we address RFID devices, because the RFID tags and the positioning algorithm are implemented in two separate devices. In this thesis, we have designed and implemented a testbed for comparative performance evaluation of RFID localization systems in a controlled and repeatable laboratory environment. The testbed consists of a real-time RF channel simulator, several WiFi 802.11 access points, commercial RFID tags, and a laptop loaded with the positioning algorithm and its associated user interface. In the real-time channel simulator the fading multipath characteristics of the wireless channel between the access points and the RFID tags is modeled by a modified site-specific IEEE 802.11 channel model which combines this model with the correlation model of shadow fading existing in the literature. The testbed is first used to compare the performance of the modified IEEE 802.11 channel model and the Ray Tracing channel model previously reported in the literature. Then, the testbed with the new channel model is used for comparative performance evaluation of two different WiFi RFID devices.


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RSS Localization, WiFi RFID, Performance Evaluation, Testbed, Channel Modeling, Wireless LANs, Radio frequency identification systems