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Tahar El-Korchi

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Rajib Mallick

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Paramasivam Jayachandran


This research describes a proposed accelerated testing procedure for evaluating pavement patching materials under the simulation of traffic loading and environmental conditions such as freeze-thaw cycles. Potholes were constructed in concrete blocks with different tilt angles (13¢ª, 17¢ª and 22¢ª) to simulate normal and shear wheel surface stresses. Different patching materials, including hot mix, cold mix and commercial cold patch were tested. Various cyclic loads accompanied with cycles of freezing and thawing were applied to the patch. Patch performance is assessed by visual monitoring of the surface distresses and measuring surface elevation for rutting and shoving determination. Applied vertical loads varied between 2,250 and 4,500 pounds at a frequency of 2 Hz. Patch performance comparisons were made as a function of the patch mix, applied load, number of applied loads, frequency of loading, and applied freeze/thaw cycles. The new method of accelerated testing is successful in differentiating the performance of good and poor quality mixes. The proposed test could be used as a reliable method by state highway agencies for establishing acceptance criteria for selecting pothole patching mixtures.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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IRR, HMA, Accelerated testing, Pavements, Maintenance and repair, Testing