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Michael A. Demetriou

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Stephen S. Nestinger

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Gregory S. Fischer

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Nikolaos A. Gatsonis


"Recent works on the control of wheeled mobile robots have shifted from the use of the kinematic model to the use of the dynamic model. Since theoretical results typically treat the inputs to the dynamic model as torques, few experimental results have been provided, as torque is typically not the input to most commercially available robots. Few papers have implemented controllers based on the dynamic model, and those that have did not address the issue of identifying the parameters of the dynamic model. This work focuses on a method for identifying the parameters of the dynamic model of a wheeled mobile robot. The method is shown to be both effective and easy to implement, and requires no prior knowledge of what the parameters may be. Experimental results on two mobile robots of different scale demonstrate its effectiveness. The estimates of the parameters created by the proposed method are then used in an adaptive controller to verify their accuracy. For future work, this method should be completed autonomously in a two-part manner, onboard the mobile robot. First, the robot should perform the method proposed here to generate an initial parameter estimate, and then use adaptive control to update the estimates."


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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Mechanical Engineering

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Mobile robots, adaptive control, robot dynamics, trajectory tracking