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"Ultrasound imaging is a safe and powerful tool for providing detailed still and moving images of the human body. Most of today’s ultrasound systems are housed on a movable cart and designed for use within a clinical setting, such as in a hospital or doctor’s office. This configuration hinders its use in locations lacking controlled environments and stable power sources. Example locations include ambulances, disaster sights, war zones and rural medicine. A wearable ultrasound system, in the form of a vest worn by a sonographer, has been developed as a complete solution for performing untethered ultrasound examinations. The heart of the system is an enclosure containing an embedded computer running the Windows XP operating system, and a custom power supply. The power supply integrates a battery charger, a switching regulator, two linear regulators, a variable speed fan controller and a microcontroller providing an interface for monitoring and control to the embedded computer. Operation of the system is generally accomplished through the use of voice commands, but it may also be operated using a hand-held mouse. It is capable of operating for a full day, using two batteries contained in the vest. In addition, the system has the capability to wirelessly share live images with remote viewers in real-time, while also permitting full duplex voice communication. An integrated web-server also provides for the wireless retrieval of stored images, image loops and other information using a web-browser. "


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ultrasound, wearable computing