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What preservation actions can we undertake to ensure the incredibly diverse range of digital humanities output persists for future generations to explore, reference, and interpret in new ways? How do we know if they are the “right” choices? What happens if we change formats or switch servers? With some many factors to consider - including many, many unknowns - it can be a daunting task to begin to implement a preservation strategy for any type of digital collection. By understanding new definitions of preservation, considering new models for preservation policies and practices, and exploring available tools to guide and support preservation actions today, curators of digital humanities works (and, ideally, creators, too!) can begin to make informed, responsible, and sustainable choices to better ensure today’s works will still be there tomorrow. This presentation will briefly explore the many aspects of digital preservation as they relate to the digital humanities with the goal of offering a very basic primer, or, possibly, an emergency response kit!


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NERCOMP SIG: Behind the Curtain: DAM and Preservation Support for Digital Humanities