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2010-2011 began with a successful orientation program (featuring “mark your home” maps on the windows of the building). Highlights included the successful trial of expanded end of term library hours, which will be ongoing, as well as evaluation and implementation of new library software and systems, hiring and promotion of staff, and continued digitization of the Dickens serialized novels. The volume of activity in the library building continued to increase, as did attendance at library instruction sessions. Several significant exhibits drew in many visitors during the year; specifically the Theo Brown Diaries, written by an illustrious WPI alumnus who was lead engineer at John Deere, and the travelling Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World exhibit. The library began an initiative to incorporate more than 250,000 records in the online catalog to connect library users with open access, freely available, full-text books and reports. Additions to library holdings included new titles within the Criterion Films Collection and significant additions to several e-book collections.