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Tomorrow’s Gordon Library – WPI’s Library of the Future – must be more than just a library. As the intellectual partner of the students and faculty, it must actively support WPI’s mission at the busy intersection of technology, research, and scholarship, and it must be designed to support and inspire lifelong learning. It must continue to be the bridge between the classroom and academic success. The library must address some of the misperceptions brought about by the digital age. Many people think the library has a diminished role in the digital age, when in fact the opposite is quite true at both the student and faculty levels. The explosion of information sources has made the expertise of the library and the librarian even more of an imperative for education and research purposes. This is true at all world class research universities. The torrent of information emerging at an astounding rate has made the library and its functionary duties a critical component of a well-rounded education. Library staff are dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping students and faculty succeed and whose sole purpose is to see members of the WPI community succeed in their educational pursuits and research.