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For two decades, the Kingston Harbour in Jamaica has been a site for industrial pollution. Toxins emitted by a local cement plant have turned this once celebrated landmark into a dumping area for all those people who make their living in the surrounding communities. Our project aims to alleviate this problem through two separate pathways. The first of our goals is to construct a natural water treatment plant, using a five-part infiltration basin system to remove suspended solids, heavy metals, nitrates, and phosphates from the refuse water that is being discharged from the Caribbean Cement Company into the ocean. The second aspect of our plan deals with educating the public in environmental matters to ensure the sustainability of the technical improvements which we are proposing. We plan on installing video screens and information posters that explain the technology that is being put to use and encourage the visitors to carry forward the ideas which they have learned “in the classroom” back to their homes and towns. We also plan to reach out to local college students to educate the Rae Town fishing village about ways in which they can help to restore the Harbour to its pristine state. Due to the role that the sea plays in the lives of the Kingston Harbour residents, we feel that most members of the community will be receptive to the changes which we hope to implement. The multidisciplinary solution which we are proposing will not only solve a pollution problem, but will lead to the development of environmental awareness about the fragile nature of the ecosystem that the local community relies on.


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Planting the Seeds of Sustainability: Combating Pollution in Kingston Harbour, Jamaica



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