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First Advisor

Spanagel, David I.

Second Advisor

Devin Oakes




In a world so close to an energy crisis, new technologies are needed to sustain our way of life. Nuclear fusion seems as one of the last hopes for energy, as it produces extreme amounts of energy from a little amount of matter that is abundant on Earth. The only problem is that scientists have not been able to construct a fusion reactor that can sustain a nuclear fusion reaction; therefore all fusion reactors today are inefficient. Power The World is a non‐profit competition set on benefitting humanity through new forms of energy (mainly nuclear fusion). The goal in constructing Power the World was to obtain the most cost/energy efficient fusion reactors and have them built around the world in order to produce gratuitous amounts of energy, to cease the world’s dependence on non‐renewable resources. Power the World gained its roots from organizations such as X‐prize and DARPA, and competitions such as the Grand Challenge and the Ansari X‐prize Power the World seek to revolutionize the world's energy plans. Power The World offers participants the incentive of a cash prize, funds for a research institute, and an international contract to build their reactors. Unlike DARPA and the X‐prize foundations, Power the World is an international competition without a limit on countries or the amount of teams participating


Power the World




Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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Power the World


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Power the World: Global Fusion Initiative



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