Faculty Advisor

Nikitina, Svetlana

Faculty Advisor

Pavlov, Oleg V

Project Center



Recently, Deloitte CIS in Moscow has experienced difficulty recruiting and retaining top students. The goal of this project was to identify the best strategies for making the company more attractive to graduates while at the same time reducing the attrition rate of current employees. After research and data collection, we decided that having a strong presence on campus and altering company presentation content are two ways of attracting top Russian students. In addition, increasing appreciation of employees and improving the leadership of the management staff are two ways of retaining valuable personnel. After input from Deloitte CIS and the students of the Financial University, a set of recommendations and proposed changes were drawn up and presented to Deloitte CIS in Moscow.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

October 2014

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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Humanities and Arts

Advisor Department

Social Science and Policy Studies