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Dodson, Leslie Lynn

Faculty Advisor

Hersh, Robert

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Robotics education has become increasingly prominent worldwide in order to keep up with the growing need for technology. This project sought to engage students in robotics and initialize a conversation for the expansion of robotics curriculum in schools around Albania. With the help of Professors Klarens Hoxha and Moisi Xhaferaj, we guided the six student teams in the robotics club at the Harry Fultz Institute in Tirana, Albania through working in teams to design and build robots that competed against each other in a game. This was accomplished by developing lectures on the fundamentals of robotics, helping the students apply these topics to their robots, and encouraging students to reflect on their progress with their teammates to recognize the skills they developed.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

January 2018

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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Undergraduate Studies

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Interdisciplinary Programs