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Dehner, Corey

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Rosbach, Derren

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Worcester Community Project Center


Since the 2014 waste disposal ban, Northborough, Massachusetts has experienced an ongoing land-use conflict. Neighbors are concerned about an agricultural composting operation at the Davidian Brothers Farm. In order to help resolve this conflict, we spoke with neighbors, farm owners, state agencies and legislators, and other experts to gain an understanding of the situation and knowledge of its causes and results. Our project culminated in providing the Office of Senator Harriette Chandler with two videos and an informational matrix and website to educate food waste recycling operations on methods to mitigate concerns and create positive relations with their surrounding communities. We also detailed recommendations for the town and farm to aid in the resolution of their land-use conflict.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

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President's IQP Award, Finalist

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Interactive Qualifying Project



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