Faculty Advisor

Belz, Melissa

Faculty Advisor

Hou, Zhikun

Project Center

Copenhagen, Denmark


The blind community depends on sighted people for a significant amount of information and assistance. This project, sponsored by the Danish Association of the Blind, explored the ability of iBeacon technology to assist blind people while navigating indoors. Pilot testing determined that the current iBeacon system, coupled with only the necessary Bluetooth technology, presents significant obstacles for use. Interviews with industry experts revealed that the weaknesses have been overcome internationally by blending Bluetooth with other technologies. We concluded that iBeacons have great potential as an assistive tool for blind people, but the system we tested needs significant improvements before we would advise implementing it in Denmark.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

May 2015

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



Advisor Department

Interdisciplinary Programs

Advisor Department

Mechanical Engineering