Faculty Advisor

Jiusto, J. Scott

Faculty Advisor

Taylor, Steven S.

Project Center

Cape Town, South Africa


The current top-down, subsidized, government approach to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) provision in South Africa has not been successful. The goal of this project was to establish a framework for the development of innovative, multi-stakeholder, multipurpose, and community- driven WaSH alternatives in Langrug, an informal settlement in the Stellenbosch Municipality. In collaboration with local co-researchers, government and NGO partners, we developed a process for incremental upgrading, constructed an innovative tap, implemented paintings to foster early childhood development in an ablution block, and proposed designs for a future multipurpose hall. The work created a starting point for Langrug to become a centre for global learning and research in WaSH provision.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Date Accepted

December 2011

Project Type

Interactive Qualifying Project



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Interdisciplinary Programs

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